A New Year’s Update …….

Hello and Happy New Year!

Scarlett has recently completed one phase of her treatment and is beginning thenext, so I thought this would be a good time to update everyone.

Scarlett’s treatment is broken into 3 main categories, defined as induction,consolidation and maintenance.  The whole process will take just over 2years, with the first 6 months being the most rigorous and stressful.  Thenext 12 months are categorized as medium intensity and finally 6 months ofsomething described as being almost bearable.

Scarlett had a few procedures and tests today, which confirmed that she is making progress and the treatment is working.  Her body is responding verywell to the chemotherapy.

Scarlett starts the second half of consolidation today.  This phase willtake approximately the same amount of time as induction and consolidation Icombined.  This next leg will include all of the same chemo drugs, butsome will be administered in lower quantities, and she will also receiveradiation.

Although the next 2 months will be difficult for Scarlett, we are countingtoday as another small victory.  Her knowledge of Harry Potter is growing,her eating habits are simply bizarre and her smile is even more beautiful.