A Note from Robert James on Friday 11/22/13

Today marks day 21 for Scarlett being in the hospital for her first round of chemo and the subsequent neutropenia.  Although it has taken longer than we hoped, this length of stay is not outside the possible range of outcomes.  Thankfully over the last 48 hours her WBC have kicked into high gear and shot through the roof.

Scarlett has not been able to eat for 7 days, so she has lost about 8lbs and looks very frail, but she should start eating shortly and we will feed her lots of calories during the next few days.  We were pretty stressed earlier this week as her WBC failed to recover on schedule and the team began discussing alternate forms of caloric intake, which are not desirable situations.

The last three weeks have been pretty challenging, but Jen has been a trooper, spending every night with her.  To set the record straight I have offered, but Jen will not leave her post.  Scarlett has been in a great deal of pain and therefor heavily medicated, so it has been difficult to even get her out of bed.  Over the last two days she has gotten out of her bed for several hours, walked around the floor and even made some multi-colored ‘slime’ with Austin – all very positive!

Waking up this morning her WBC are high enough to go home(according to Dr. Mom) – we will wait for the team to check her and we then we anticipate Scarlett will be discharged.  We think we have turned the proverbial corner and are obviously excited to bring Scarlett home to her own room.

Something Jen and I have learned thus far is that although there may be a plan, it is more of a guideline than a strict set of expectations.  That being said, if all goes to plan, Scarlett starts the second phase of her treatment Tuesday.