An Update and Thank You To All Who Donate Blood…..

Scarlett was admitted to MSK early yesterday morning after a very long night. I am hoping that whatever she has will resolve itself quickly.  The doctors said she will be admitted until at least Saturday.
I woke up this morning to see that Scarlett was receiving a red blood transfusion which was surprising to me as her counts were strong when we came to the hospital yesterday.  The nurse said she thought yesterday’s counts were not accurate because they had given her a lot of IV fluid to rehydrate her.   Frankly, I was shocked when I saw how strong her counts were when she was admitted so while this mornings numbers are disappointing, they do make more sense.  I do not know her ANC yet, but I am obviously hoping she is not neutropenic as she needs her white blood cells to fight whatever is going on in her little body.  I also know they will be less apt to discharge her with lower blood counts. After spiking fevers throughout the day yesterday, it is good news that she remained fever free overnight. She has also gone 24 hours with vomiting.  Hopefully, she will be willing to try a little food today as I want to try and maintain the 3 pounds she has gained this month.  Overall, it was a quiet night and Scarlett and I both caught up on such much needed sleep!
Thank you to everyone who continues to donate blood and platelets in Scarlett’s name.  It always makes me happy to see the pink private donor tag attached to her transfusion bag. It’s comforting for me to know whose blood she is receiving and it makes me happy to know that the MSK general blood supply is growing because someone cares about Scarlett and our family.  The outpouring of support for her in the blood donation room is tremendous. Thank you all for donating!