An Update from Jennifer James from the 9th floor at MSK

Scarlett had a high dose chemotherapy yesterday and she was sick right away. Fortunately, the doctor switched her meds at 2am which calmed her tummy and allowed her to fall to sleep.

We are hopeful that Scarlett will be discharged on Monday.  I know the team will work hard to ensure we are home for Christmas. Since we live so close to the hospital , I feel confident we will be home for Christmas Eve!!!  If not, I am sure Santa will find a chimney somewhere  at MSK to deliver a present or two to Scarlett!!!

Meanwhile,  I am hoping that she will feel okay this morning as we have a long list of movies to watch today!   We were fortunate that 2 of Santa’s elves showed up yesterday to once again bring some Christmas spirit to her hospital room.  The angel was already here – we just added some colorful Christmas lights and snowflakes!  Merry Christmas!