An Update from Robert James…with a photo..

Hello Everyone,
So Scarlett has been home for nearly a week and in excellent spirits.  We have been ordering Chinese food every night, that is Scarlett’s current favorite food, and happily watching her put some meat back on her scrawny little bones.

We have had a great week with SJ home and building legos, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the 12th time (shockingly SJ likes Veruca Salt the best) and even doing some school work.  We decorated our Christmas tree last night (see pic below) with the help from some friends for AJ and SJ and we are almost ready for Christmas.

Scarlett is having surgery today to insert her medi-port and replace her temporary central line.This allows long term IV access that can be connected and disconnected when they need IV access.  Although its always stressful watching SJ go in for anesthesia everyone says the medi-port makes life substantially easier.  SJ starts the next stage of her treatment called consolidation phase II tomorrow morning, and will be in-patient at the hospital for approximately 4-5 days.  If all goes to plan she will be home for Christmas – fingers crossed.

Merry Christmas everyone!