Backyard Talent Show

Backyard Talent Show – Kids helping Kids with Cancer

After dinner one night, Scarlett, and her two friends, Chloe and Natasha, decided to perform a dance routine for us.  They enlisted Scarlett’s brother, Austin, to work the lights and music and charged us each $20 to watch the show which they then donated to The Scarlett Fund.  The show was so much fun, the kids decided that they should have a dance performance in the summer at a big dinner party. They would charge everyone to watch the show and give the money to pediatric cancer research.  As the word spread, other kids wanted to get involved and an idea was born!
Tomorrow, Scarlett, along with 50 other children, will sing, dance, act and put on a talent show in our backyard.  Other children have signed up to volunteer – Ella, Sam and Jack will run the popcorn machine (and they have already decorated a TIP JAR!!)  Austin, Jack, Dylan and Parker will be in charge of the raffle tickets while Grayson offered to make cookies and sell them to all the guests.  Amalia and Bella are baking cupcakes.  Josephine listened to Taylor Swift for inspiration and spent the week painting the backdrop for the stage.  Many of the children have been collecting spare change to  throw into The Scarlett Fund Coin Collection Pot.  Hudson National Bank has graciously offered to have the children help them count the change in their machine next week and will give 100% of the proceeds to The Scarlett Fund.  Children aged 3 to 17yrs old are excited and involved.  As parents, we couldn’t be more proud or happy. Our community has embraced the idea of the Backyard Talent Show and everyone is pitching in to make it a success!  Austin, Scarlett and many friends have spent the last 2 weeks going to local businesses and asking for donations for the raffle and they were rarely turned down.  In fact, an employee from Game Stop said he wasn’t sure if his company would donate, but said that he would like to donate the latest Lego Xbox 360 game.  He only asked that we come back on Saturday which was when he got his paycheck.  The gals from Claire’s not only gave a corporate donation but also collectively pooled their money and bought a gift to donate.  At Juice Press, the man behind the cashier said that it would take a bit for the donation to be approved.  A man at the counter said. ” That won’t do – here is my credit card, please give them a $50 gift certificate.”  These are just a few of the many acts of kindness that we have experienced preparing for tomorrow’s show.

I would like to thank our sponsor, Citibabes, and to my many friends  for their continued support of our family as well as The Scarlett Fund.   Additionally, I would like to thank the following businesses that have generously supported the Backyard Talent Show:  Sail to Sable, The Vintage Contessa, Ivivva, AKT, Toppings Riding Club, Brennans Bit and Bridle, Pierre’s, Candy Kitchen,  Michelle Farmer, Helen Ficalora, Second Star to the Right Toys, and Starbucks.

Good luck to all of the performers and volunteers at tomorrow’s Backyard Talent Show to benefit The Scarlett Fund at  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center!