REVISED:  all blood types are acceptable. Please call Mary Thomas to be pre-screened for eligibility. Mary Thomas – Donor Relations Specialist 212-639-3335

ALL blood types are acceptable and donors do not need to know their blood type.  There are many components evaluated before a donation is released for use by Scarlett, and blood TYPE is only one of them. Please know that your donations will be helping Scarlett even if they are not a match. Their donation will be released for use by other patients many of whom will be children, and a unit from our general pool that is a match for Scarlett will replace theirs.  

(original post 10/26/13)
We learned on Friday that it is likely that Scarlett will need a blood transfusion as early as next week. This is not cause for alarm, but rather another step towards her recovery and you can help.
Scarlett had O Negative blood which means she is a universal donor who can donate blood to anyone in need. It also means that her body can only accept O Negative blood,  which is not terribly common. If you know you have O Negative blood and you pass the screening at MSK, you can donate blood which will be marked and given directly to Scarlett.  We will be informed of your donation and her blood will have a tag that says that the blood was donated directly to her.  It would warm out hearts to know that a part of you was now circulating inside Scarlett. Because of your gift of your time and your blood, you would be directly helping us save Scarlett.
If you don’t know your blood type, that is okay, too!  MSK will happily accept your donation, determine your type and if it’s not O Negative,  you can be rest assured it would go to someone in need.  The interesting thing about blood is we can’t buy  it.  We can’t make it.
Parents (meaning Jen & Robert) can’t donate. But you can.
Please see below for more information and the appeal letter from MSK.  If you are scared to donate, let me know. I’ll meet you there, hold your hand and get you through it.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  ❤❤❤❤

Please check out the MSK web site where donors can access FDA donor  It is important that all donors meet the eligibility criteria.  The criteria for whole blood and platelets is the same.   

Appointments are required and all blood types are acceptable.   To benefit Scarlett, all directed donations  be made in our Donor Room.  A blood bank has been opened in Scarlett’s name and a list of donors will be maintained and sent to Jennifer & Robert.

Whole blood donations take about 1 hour and will be stored for 25 days after testing.   Platelet donations take approximately 2½ hours for the entire process and are stored for 3 days after testing.  It is important to spread out donations so they do not all expire at the same time. Small groups can be arranged. 

Potential donors will contact Mary Thomas directly to schedule an appointment that is convenient for them and will be most beneficial for Scarlett. Mary will be in touch with the treatment team to establish Scarlett’s blood product needs during treatment.  Any products not used by her will be released for use by other patients. 

Here is the letter from MSK:

SCARLETT JAMES Needs Blood & Platelets

6 year old Scarlett is currently a patient at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  Hertreatment for a rare type of Lymphoma requires regular blood and platelet transfusions.  

Scarlett and the James family would deeply appreciate your donation of blood and/or platelets and requests you ask others you know to donate. Donations not used byScarlett will be released for use by other patients many of whom are children.

To benefit Scarlett all designated donations must be made in the Blood Donor Room of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Please visit for complete information about donor eligibility and the donation process for blood or platelets.

For answers to questions and to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you please Contact:      

Mary Thomas   –   212-639-3335

Donor Relations Specialist

The Blood Donor Room – 212-639-7648

1250 First Avenue (between 67th/68th Streets) NYC – Schwartz Building lobby

Open Every Day

Fri Sat Sun Mon     8:30am – 3:00pm

Tues Wed Th         8:30am – 7:00pm

The process for donating whole blood takes approximately1hour

The process for donating platelets takes about 2 ½ hours.

Appointments are necessary- All blood types are acceptable

FREE Donor Parking – 

-Somerset Parking Garage, 1365 York Avenue –entrance on 72nd Street, N.W.corner