Cycle for Survival

Cycle for Survival – March 7th
It is hard to believe that Cycle for Survival is only 2 weeks away!  TEAM ROAR CYCLE/The Scarlett Fund is 24 people strong.  We are spinning to raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer research.  Because of your generosity, the Scarlett Fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering has raised over $350,000.  100% of this money will support Scarlett’s team of doctors and scientists to research targeted therapies which has great potential.  Because these therapies target cancer cells, they reduce toxicity to healthy tissues and decrease long term side effects which is especially attractive for children.  The current treatment saves lives but it is brutal.  We can do better.   I have witnessed first hand my daughter enduring almost daily chemotherapy treatments, 10 rounds of radiation and 23 spinal taps.  She has 11 months worth of treatment to go.  When Scarlett was diagnosed in October 2013, our family was faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable journey.  Since then, Scarlett has overcome every obstacle with strength, courage and grace.  As parents, Robert and I could not be more proud.  I remember asking the doctor if I would have the same Scarlett after 2+ years of treatment.  He said absolutely not. You will have a more compassionate, understanding and strong Scarlett.  He was right.  Scarlett has taught us all the true meaning of resilience.
TEAR ROAR CYCLE is geared up and ready to go. Yesterday, I was contacted byour team leader at Cycle for Survival.  She told me that there is a special bike at each of the Cycle for Survival Events called “Jen’s Bike” – in honor of the co-founder of Cycle for Survival, Jennifer Goodman Linn.  At each of the rides nationwide, Cycle for Survival invite cancer survivors and caregivers to take turns riding this special bike as a way to honor their personal story and to bring awareness to their mission.  Scarlett and I have been asked to ride “Jen’s Bike” during our ride on March 7th.  It is such an honor to be asked.  Jen Linn lost her battle with cancer but what a legacy she has left behind.  Because of her, I was able to form TEAM ROAR CYCLE which is a fun way to spend a day with friends while raising awareness and funding for pediatric cancer research.  I believe that the more people who understand that 98% of the funding for childhood cancer research comes from philanthropy, the more people will be willing to give to such a worthwhile cause.
I recognize that most of you have already generously given of your time and money to The Scarlett Fund and I am so eternally grateful.  I asked for help and you answered.  But our job is not finished.  My goal is to keep pushing to raise awareness.  I want everyone to know that pediatric cancer month is September.  Everyone knows that the pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer.  Did you know that the gold ribbon symbolizes pediatric cancer?  I didn’t. Now, I do.  In addition to raising awareness and money from friends, friends of friends and family, I hope to go to Washington to convince the right people to increase the allocation of the National Cancer Institute’s budget to children’s cancer research.  It currently stands at approximately 3-4% while cancer remains the leading cause of death by illness in children.  The last major change to the treatment of childhood cancer was the introduction of chemotherapy and that was over 20 years ago.  We should be doing more.
I truly believe that Scarlett will win her battle against cancer – but we are not leaving the war. Thank you for joining the battle.  Together, we truly are making a difference.
If you would like to donate to TEAM ROAR CYCLE, simply click on the link below!  Thank you!