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Scarlett 2015

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Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer 2015 to Benefit The Scarlett Fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

A reminder to come out and join us on Saturday, May 2nd at 11am in Central Park at the Naumberg Bandshell in Central Park for an upbeat, family-friendly walkathon that supports Pediatric Cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).  The event consists of a short program followed by a 1.5 mile walk.  It is a fun and meaningful day for kids, families and friends to join together to raise money and awareness for Pediatric Cancer research. Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer is an inspiring way for your kids to get involved in their community.  Scarlett and Austin are thrilled to be walking with family, friends and classmates.  We are all getting excited for the big day.   Yesterday, Austin made a presentation to the boys in his class regarding the walk and on Friday the boys will get together to make spirit signs and decorate shoes that explain “Why They Walk.”  Scarlett and Austin have started collecting coins in a jar titled, “Coins for Kids with Cancer.”  They plan on donating all of the change to TEAM ROAR WALK.  It’s heart warming to see them getting involved and they love that they are helping to make a difference!

Please take 3 minutes to watch the Kids Walk Video that was made by the student board of Kids Walk at MSK. I love the concept of Kids Fighting Back against Cancer.  It’s really what Kids Walk is all about.


To JOIN TEAM ROAR WALK or to make a donation please click on the link below!  We hope to see many of you on May 2nd!  Go Team Roar!



THE SCARLETT FUND was created to support and raise awareness for pediatric cancer research. Aware of the sacrifices children and their families had made before us to make Scarlett’s treatment possible, we are inspired to help children that follow behind Scarlett with the hope that their treatment is less lengthy, less intense and less toxic. The money raised is being used to research novel targeted therapies which have great potential. Because these therapies target cancer cells, they reduce toxicity to healthy tissues and decrease long terms side effects. This is especially important for growing children.

Kids Walk 2014 Sign Making Party for Kids Walk 2014A happy Scarlett back at school!