Home Sweet Home

We are HOME.
Scarlett is feeling better and  is totally bouncing back!  Kids are so robust!
She is exhausted and a little wobbly on her feet but ultimately good.  She ate chicken soup for dinner which is better than nothing.   We are hoping to feed her  lots of high calorie foods to make up some of the weight she has lost. Our freezer is packed with Haagen Dazs ice cream!!
As we were packing up to leave the hospital last night, we saw lots of smiles and rolling of the eyes in true Scarlett form. Scarlett looked cute as a button with those big blue eyes and her smile.  Some of the nurses and doctors couldn’t believe it was the same child because they had only seen her in bed wiped out and barely moving!
As we walked around the floor saying our good byes, it dawned on me how many new friends we had made in the last 3 weeks. Everyone was truly happy that we were going home and I truly hope that they are all home soon, too!
It was so joyous leaving.  Smiles were rampant from all the staff and all the James’.  I would be naive to think that we wont be in-patient again but it sure feels good to be out-patient for a little while. We’ll take it!
We are grateful to have the weekend at home.  Crisp, clean sheets, no beeping machines, no checking vitals – Scarlett has earned a lifetime of peaceful nights.
We made it through Induction!  She actual started the next phase already. Before we left the hospital she had one more chemo administered.  Oh well, that is one LESS that we now have to do next week,👍
Thank you to everyone for all of the love, support and acts of kindness that helped us through this first month.   We have ALL been through a lot. It doesn’t escape Robert and I how deeply this affects all of our family and friends. We needed you and you were there.  I also have to include the nurses, child life specialists and staff at MSK.  As our hospital stay went from a few days to a week and ultimately turned into 3 weeks, they were our support. We faced challenges and decisions that I never could have imagined and we are eternally grateful that they were there to help us through it.
I would like to share an email I received on Friday afternoon from my friend who has been organizing meals for the staff taking care of Scarlett::
“I just called Bagel Works to cancel the morning order – and they send you their best and hope that there are no bagel orders for a while :). I   thought that was sweet.   They said that they are rooting for Scarlett – they know her name and even have the phone number memorized.”
  I told my father the story and said to him “people are good.”  He replied,”Most people are good. You just have to give them a chance.”  We’ll said, Dad!
Have a wonderful weekend!