How is Scarlett? A quick update for December 02, 2014

We are up early and getting ready for a morning at MSK.  I gathered my usual notebook and papers that I always take with me to the hospital  and I realized that it was time to turn the page on Scarlett’s protocol as she starts Maintenance 2 today!  She will start the day  off with a spinal tap.  To put it all in perspective, this is her 24th spinal tap and each one is as hard as the first.  I try to make Spinal Tap Days more bearable by making the rest of  they day more fun.  On Spinal Tap days, she has no tutor and really no rules. iPad? Sure! 3 movies in a row? Why not?  Ice Cream before dinner? I can’t think of a better way to start a meal!  Fortunately, Scarlett takes it all in stride.  To Scarlett, it’s just another day at MSK.  The good news is with Maintenance 2(M2)  we will be going to MSK less and less.  She will start all new meds today – and most of them are going to be oral which means I will give them to her at home.   It will take several weeks to regulate her dosage but once her doctors figure it out, we are going to be spending more time at home.  The chemotherapies will also be less toxic.   Scarlett is doing well and is staying on target for a March return to school.  She is very excited and so am I!
When I think back to where we were this time last year, I can’t help feeling anything but gratitude.  I am so happy that we are all together and I plan on our family taking full advantage of the magical month of December.  M2 will last approximately one year.  It seems like a long time, but we already have one year under our belt and I know that we will be talking about Christmas 2015 soon enough!