Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer – Join The James Family & Team Roar on May 10th….see below…

Cancer.  For weeks, a word that I could not say in the same sentence as my 7 year old Scarlett’s name. Fear. The best word to describe how I felt about cancer.  Fear of the death of a child.  Fear of the intense treatment, the painful procedures and the uncertain future.  ROAR.  The word that inspires us to fight to return Scarlett to the healthy, happy and carefree childhood she deserves.

Our family is walking in the 2014 Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer to support Scarlett and the brave children of the 9th Floor of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  We have learned that pediatric cancer research is drastically under researched, underfunded and rarely discussed.  It is estimated that for every dollar the U.S. government spends on cancer research,only 4 cents goes towards pediatric cancer research.   The lack of funding and awareness for our children has led to an insignificant improvement in survival rates for pediatric cancer in the last decade. At the same time,cancer is the number 1 disease killer of children in our country.

May 10th in Central Park will be a special day for Scarlett and all Kids with Cancer.  Join TEAM ROAR. Help raise funds. Walk along with us.  Together, we will be heard. Together, we will make a difference.

In the words of one of Scarlett’s favorite Harry Potter characters, Albus Dumbledore, the wisest wizard of all time, “Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”   CANCER.  Say it with me. Join. Help. Walk.


You can register for the 2014 Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer at:

First, choose the GREEN REGISTER NOW which will then bring you to the page asking you to create an account.  After that, you should Choose Team Member – Join a Team ($25) and hit Continue.  On the next page, when prompted for a team name, choose TEAM ROAR from the scroll down option.


Choose Family ($60) and follow the instructions.  After you have completed your registration, please email and let them know you are a part of TEAM ROAR.  They will move your family over to TEAM ROAR.


You can make a donation to TEAM ROAR at:


Scarlett,Austin, Robert and I look forward to seeing you all in Central Park on May 10th!  As an extra incentive for all TEAM ROAR members, the top fundraiser will be invited to join Scarlett and our family at Benihana for a celebratory dinner! Let’s do this!