Monday, October 21, 2013 – Good Morning! (by Jennifer James posted by Emily Davis on her behalf)

The start of a new week! We know so many of you are worried about us. We are taking each day as it comes and so far that is working out just fine. Scarlett is meeting lots of new challenges each day and there have been some tears, but there are still lots of smiles, funny faces and charming moments. The Scarlett we all know and love is here and she is adapting and I am so amazed at her strength. I thought I would share two stories with you from yesterday. They made me smile and I want you all to smile, too. I can only imagine how you all must feel and I know that you all would do anything to make this easier on us (thank you!).
Yesterday, we decided it would be great to get some exercise so Scarlett put on her stompies and headed out the door for a lap around the floor. Along the way, Scarlett started stopping nurses, doctors, moms, dads and saying, I have a joke for you!  She soon had a small crowd gathered around – and guess what? There was laughter and there were smiles- lots of them. Here is yesterday’s joke for you.  We hope that it will make you smile, too!
“What’s as big as a horse but doesn’t weigh anything?”

Answer- a horse’s shadow!!

2nd story- I asked the Dtr if I would have the same Scarlett in 2 years that I have today and without skipping a beat he replied, “absolutely not!  You will have a wiser, more mature Scarlett that looks at the world a little differently”.
And we are seeing that already-  Scarlett’s roommate is a 4 year old boy who cannot speak but is clearly in a lot of pain. After listening to his discomfort for awhile Scarlett turned to me and said, Mommy, I think I will write him a note and share one of my balloons to cheer him up.

-“Dear Cutie Pie, This is for you. Love, your neighbor, Scarlett”

We would rather be just about anywhere but at a cancer hospital but we are making the best of it. Scarlett is on the road to recovery. Thank you all for everything you are doing for us. My father told me yesterday that there are a lot of people that spend there life looking for one thing- LOVE- I am happy to say that is one thing we already have- and lots if it! ❤❤❤

If you have time today listen to ROAR by Katy Perry. It’s our theme song.  Sending you lots of love to you all.