NYC Marathon Countdown

Marathon Countdown

This morning I went out for my last run before Marathon Sunday. I was proudly sporting my bright orange Fred’s Team T Shirt.  While I am very nervous about the race, I am also very excited.  I can tear up just thinking about what it will be like to run in front of MSK at 67th and 1st Avenue. I know there will be a sea of Fred’s Team supporters and it’s overwhelming to even think about it.  It will also be the first time that I will see Scarlett, Austin and Robert cheering me on!

For those of you who are coming out on Sunday, my bib number is 41334. I have a 10:30am start time but I think I will hold back until 10:50am as several members of TEAM ROAR MARATHON are trying to run together.  I plan on running the first 1/2 of the marathon in 10 1/2 to 11 minute miles.  The second 1/2 is anyone’s guess. :)  I know it will be sheer will power that gets me to the finish line.
Over the last few days, I came up with the idea that I wanted to dedicate every mile of the race to the children that we had met at MSK.  As I started writing out my list, I realized I also wanted to include other people that I knew that had been touched with cancer.  Unfortunately, 26 miles isn’t long enough to include everyone that I would have liked but I did my best.   Running this race for Fred’s Team is very special to me.  I have run the marathon for charity 5 times in the past.  (I was much younger!) While each one of those experiences was incredible, I know that this marathon is going to surpass all expectations. I am running for a reason. I am running for something that I truly feel passionate about. I feel that TEAM ROAR MARATHON is really making a difference.  We have raised over $85,000 and Fred’s Team has raised over $4,000,000. To give you some perspective, it takes $5,000,000 to get a clinical trial off the ground. The last significant change for pediatric cancer was chemotherapy and that was over 20 years ago. The doctors and scientists have pushed chemotherapy to its limit. It’s time to find less toxic and more effective treatments. With your help, we are off to a great start.  98% of the money raised for pediatric cancer research comes from philanthropy – that means people like you and me.  Together, we are making a difference and for this, I sincerely thank you.

Marathon Dedication

Mile 1 is for my sweet 7 year old daughter, Scarlett, whose strength and courage will help me make it to 26.2. You are my hero.
Mile 2 is for 2 year old  “Sweet Sally Sunshine” who is currently battling Infant Leukemia
Mile 3 is for 12 year old Kate because she battled Leukemia for 3 years – and WON!
Mile 4 is for fancy 5 year old Katerina who is a cancer survivor!
Mile 5 is for Rob who sadly lost his 6 year battle with cancer while he was a Senior at Yale
Mile 6 is for Lisa’d Dad, Anthony, who recently lost his battle with cancer but who will be forever remembered
Mile 7 is for Joyce’s sister, JoAnn, a mother of 3, who just started her battle with Colon Cancer and is Scarlett’s pen pal
Mile 8 is for Mac B. who is a  Cancer Survivor and who started a charity so that kids with cancer could go to camp and also in memory of Gayle Jobe who was like my second mother.
Mile 9 is in memory of  Chris’ parents who both lost their battle with cancer and for Scarlett’s roommate, Mac, whose short life changed us forever
Mile 10 is in memory of Donae’s father in law and Rob’s Dad, Bob Chramosta
Mile 11 is for super Mom, Paige, who showed us all how to fight this battle with grace and dignity. She is my inspiration.
Mile 12 is for my good friends, Katherine and Alison , who fought their battle with breast cancer and WON
Mile 13 is in memory of  Laura McKean who loved nothing more than her 13 grandchildren
Mile 14 is for cancer survivor, Jack, who gave Scarlett a charm necklace that never comes off
Mile 15 is for sweet little Eve who is currently battling leukemia
Mile 16 is for Kimberly’s Mom, Connie, who is currently battling this horrible disease
Mile 17 is for 15 year old Lily who is a 5 year cancer survivor!
Mile 18 is in memory of  Robert’s Aunt Leith who lost her battle with breast cancer
Mile 19 is for Donae’s friend, Elizabeth King Kanarellis, who bravely battles cancer every day while keeping her sense of humor
Mile 20 is for the other Scarlett Elizabeth –  for the number of kisses she gets each night from her Daddy.
Mile 21 is for my Aunt Milly – a 5 year cancer survivor
Mile 22 is for Jeremy’s Mom who is a cancer survivor and for Amanda who lost her leg to cancer but who I know will run once again
Mile 23 is in memory of  Diana’s friend, Michael, who lost his battle with cancer at MSK this summer
Mile 24 is in memory of  Reina’s Mom, Rita, who after a brave fight, lost her battle with lung cancer
Mile 25 is for Gina’s friend, Sandy, who is just starting her battle with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer – We are with you!
Mile 26 is for 11 year old cancer survivor Grant – I know I can depend on TEAM GRANT  to get me through that last mile
The FINISH  is for ALL of you who have been touched by cancer. I hope that my small contribution is meaningful to you in some way.  This battle will not be won today.  There is much more work to be done but  I will continue to fight along side my daughter until we can do more than just imagine a world without cancer. We can actually live in one.  Together, ~and I mean all of us~ are making a difference.  See you on Sunday!
If you would like to donate and help make a difference, please click on my home page.
Imagine a world without cancer.