NYC Marathon Countdown

I have decided to run the NYC Marathon to honor my friends, family and those children who have been touched by cancer.
I run to support my daughter, Scarlett, as she continues her battle with a rare form of lymphoma.

I run for my Aunt, a 5 year cancer survivor.
I run for a friend’s sister as she begins her battle against cancer.
I run for a friend’s mother who is bravely battling cancer.

I run to support the brave children that we have met this past year who are still fighting.
I run to support the brave children that have finished with treatment and are now our inspiration.  They give us hope.
I run for one of Scarlett’s sweet roommates at MSK who, unfortunately, lost his battle with cancer this year.
I run because I feel that I can make a difference.
I run because I need to make my contribution to help find a world without cancer.
I run to thank those before us who paved the way so that my daughter has the ability to return to the carefree childhood she deserves.
I run to support our team of doctors and scientists so that those children that follow us have more effective and less toxic treatments.
I run to thank all of those at MSK who have done so much for our family and so many others.
I run for Fred’s Team.
I run for TEAM ROAR.
I run for The Scarlett Fund.
If you would like to donate and help make a difference, please click on my home page.
Imagine a world without cancer.

If you are coming out on November 2nd, you can follow me – my bib number is 41334 – I will be running in the last wave so that TEAM ROAR can at least start off together so that means you do NOT have to get up early to see us run!  Please email me if you are going to be standing in a specific place so that I can look for you on November 2nd!

Thank you to everyone for the generous support of our team. We have raised almost $60,000 all of which will go to The Scarlett Fund which is raising money for Pediatric Cancer Research.  98% of funding for pediatric research funding comes from philanthropy which means you and me. We are so grateful for your support!  Together, we are making a difference!