Pediatric Prom

Today is an exciting day for all the kids at MSK – it’s the pediatric prom! It will take place in the cafeteria which was apparently transformed last night into a dance hall. The votes have been submitted for Prom Queen and Prom King. Scarlett is hoping Jessica, the child life specialist, and Dr. Steinherz, the head of the pediatric leukemia/lymphoma team, will be the winners!  Her outfit has been picked out and as Scarlett and I noted last night, she doesn’t have to worry about getting her hair done!  Thank you to the amazing ladies at Bonne Nuit who knitted a beautiful hat that matches her dress perfectly!  I will be sure to post pictures.

Scarlett and I are leaving shortly as it’s also a long day at the hospital. Assuming Scarlett’s blood counts have recovered from the last chemo, she will receive more chemo today.  She receives several kinds of Chemotherapies throughout this course and some take longer to administer than others.  This is one of the long days so we are happy to have the distraction of the party to make the day go faster.
Overall, Scarlett’s treatment is going well.  She continues to eat regular meals and she is growing stronger.  We are having more and more quality tutoring sessions which we will continue throughout the summer.  We still have ups and downs but it’s so much better than it was this past winter.  We are all much happier!  Progress.
June 8th is Scarlett’s 1/2 birthday. While we don’t normally celebrate 1/2 birthdays, we are making an exception this year.  If you recall, she spent her actual birthday in the hospital.  She was being fed through her line so there was no cake. It wasn’t a great day so we are going to make up for it!!!  If you would like to send a card –  please do!  I think she would love it!  But no presents please!!
The book signing event at Kirna Zabete was a huge success despite finding out the day before the event that she was neutropenic which meant that she could not attend her own party!  Thank you to my quick thinking friends who helped organize PLAN B on Friday night.  We had a stretch limo take Scarlett and a few friends downtown where she was greeted by a crowd of cheering supporters being held back by a velvet rope.  She signed The Vintage Contessa and Princessa books outside on the red carpet and posed for pictures.  It was a moment I won’t soon forget!  I promise to post pictures soon!
Thank you to Kirna Zabete and The Vintage Contessa for hosting the event! Thank you to the Loews Regency Hotel for supplying the red carpet and ropes at the last minute and thank you to all of you for attending and making it such a special and memorable day for Scarlett!
If you were unable to attend the party and would like to purchase a book, Kirna Zabete has copies for sale in the store as well as on-line.  Bonne Nuit also has a few copies left in their store.  In addition, the author, Donae, will be signing books at the Sail to Sable event next Thursday at the Jack Rogers Store on Madison Ave from 4pm-7pm  “The Scarlett” tunic will be launched with 100% of the net proceeds going to The Scarlett Fund at MSK.  I will post details tomorrow!