Scarlett Update 1/20/15

I have not updated in awhile as I was hoping for the next update to be titled, “Scarlett had her port removed!”  Alas, this has not happened yet as Scarlett’s white blood counts are struggling to recover from this month’s chemo.  She has been neutropenic for the last few weeks.  Last week, the team stopped her oral chemotherapy so that her bone marrow would have a chance to recover.  Fortunately, she has not had a fever so we have been able to stay home.  The nurse made a comment that in any other hospital. she would be in patient. Just another reason to be grateful to be at MSK!  Honestly, Scarlett feels good!  She is a little moody and a little tired but apart from that there is no indication that she is neutropenic.  The plan is to give her body a few more days to recover.  The team decided against giving Scarlett the dreaded G-Shot.  Phew.  As I have said to several of my friends, in the overall scheme of things, this is just a little bump in the road.  Scarlett is happy and strong and doing well.  ‘Tis the season for viruses to be running around which can take their toll on blood counts.   Of course, going to the hospital with the expectation that today is the day to have the port removed, only to be told again that blood counts are still too low, is frustrating – not only for Scarlett but also for Robert and me!  This morning, Scarlett and I discussed for the second time how to move on from unexpected news.  I told her it was absolutely okay to be frustrated but we needed to work on getting over disappointment and that this was good practice.  Shake it off! Shake it off!
We head back to MSK on Friday.  Scarlett will once again have a CBC (Complete Blood Count).  If her white blood count is high enough, we will resume chemotherapy and we will schedule with surgery to have her port removed. If her counts are still low, the team will switch one of the meds Scarlett takes to ward off pneumonia.   She has been taking this medication since Oct 2013.  I was told that prolonged use of this specific medication has been known to suppress counts.
Her counts will eventually recover.  The port will eventually be removed.  It’s just not going to happen today.  However, the day that the port is removed is definitely going to be a day to celebrate!

As always, we are so incredibly grateful for all of your continued love, support and prayers.