SJ Update from Robert

Goodbye Port!

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Hello Everyone,

Good news from NYC.  Scarlett’s blood counts finally recovered today.  Her team concluded the suppressed blood counts were virus related and it was OK to proceed with removing her medi-port.  We are actually still waiting for the virus reports to come back from the labs – but, the team has enough information to move forward.

Scarlett went in this morning for the brief procedure of removing the port.  It went smoothly and she is home resting.

As you may know it has been a very stressful three weeks waiting for her blood counts to come back in.  Although her team had told us not to stress, we were one low blood report away from running tests for relapse.

We are constantly aware of the continued risks that Scarlett faces, but today is an enormous relief and an exciting day for all of us.  She has a few weeks of laying low while she recovers from the procedure, and then, if we get clearance, we hope to all go skiing in March for spring break.  Separately, Scarlett has been off her protocol for three weeks and will resume chemo today at a lower dose.

The attached photo is the last picture of her port. While it served us well, we hope to never see it again!