Something to Make You Smile

Scarlett’s blood counts continue to fill in nicely which helps  explain her extraordinary mood.  Her sense of humor and her mischievous, sparkly eyes are all back. She is full of life.  I am in awe of how these extraordinary children on this floor refuse to give up. We push them past their limits and then push them a bit more and they still bounce back.

Cancer has taken away Scarlett’s hair and ten pounds of needed body weight but it has not stripped her of who she is.  Scarlett is the same entertaining and lively child she was before diagnosis.  It’s true that I haven’t seen this Scarlett for a very long time, so you can’t blame me for walking around with an enormous grin on my face and a few tears in my eyes.

Last night as I was walking  down the hall, I saw a group of college aged guys walking with their buddy who has cancer. 14 laps around the floor equals a mile and the doctors encourage everyone to get up and walk. It made me feel so good to see this group of young men supporting their friend.  I asked them to stop at Scarlett’s door to say hello as she is in isolation and cannot leave her room. When they arrived, Scarlett was ready and threw out her best jokes,  They laughed. She laughed and everybody felt better.  The pediatric floor of MSK is a special place.  The children here are all very sick but they are still children.  There are tears but there is also laughter. There is sadness but there is also joy.  They all deserve a few Christmas miracles. They have certainly earned them. Which reminds me ~  I have to move that darn elf!!!!!