Special Visitors at MSK today….

Today, Scarlett had a full day at MSK and it wasn’t all about her procedures!  In addition to face painting and caroling, Santa visited the 9th floor. Each child received a Nike Duffel bag packed with toys!  Thank you to everyone who donated for the holidays!  The children were delighted with their giant stash of toys. It was also wonderful to see a few friendly faces as a few Sacred Heart First Grade Moms were among the volunteers!  They were able to see Scarlett and will report back to the first grade girls that Scarlett’s hair is growing back blonde.
In addition to enjoying the Christmas Party, Scarlett did have a few procedures today including a CT Scan. Her scan showed a marked improvement to her bowel and intestines and as a result, the team has decided to move forward with the next chemotherapy treatment which requires an in patient stay.  Before that happens, Scarlett will have out patient surgery tomorrow to insert a medi-port.  This means that her access line will now lie under her skin so she will be able to submerge herself in water which is convenient if you want to take a bath or go hot tubbing at the Franks.
Scarlett will go home Thursday afternoon and return to MSK on Friday morning to begin chemo as an in-patient.  The doctors are hopeful that she will be discharged in time for Christmas and so are we!