The day after the Pediatric Prom!

Yesterday was an amazing day at MSK.  To quote Scarlett, “Today is my best day at the hospital ever!” We arrived at MSK at 8am and we returned home at 6:30pm. Scarlett and I were both asleep at 8:30pm! Exhausting? Yes!  Worth it? Absolutely!
We started the day checking Scarlett’s blood counts and seeing her team. Everything checked out ok and we headed to the playroom where Promingdales had been set up to shop for the pediatric prom which took place on the first floor in the cafeteria.  Scarlett had her choice of  handbags, shawls, accessories and gowns.  She had make up applied and her nails painted! We even dressed Gilbert (her favorite puppet) up for the occasion.  There was a buzz in the air and smiles everywhere.  At the prom, the old Scarlett showed up.  She was out on the dance floor with the nurses (who were all wearing gowns) and won several dance prizes. At one point, she was up on stage with a couple of friends singing her heart out to “What did the fox say”.  At noon, we went back upstairs to the 9th floor, took off our dancing shoes and settled in for a little chemo.  It feels very odd to say this given where we were but we had a fantastic time and it was a great day!!!   As one of the nurses said to me, “every day should be this carefree for these kids” and I simply replied, “We are all giving it everything we have to make that happen –  that day will come!”
For all of you that give your time, your donations, your money and your heart to charities please know that the people on the other end are so appreciative.  So few of us that give actually see the end result.   I can tell you that in my wildest dreams I never thought our family would be on the other side but now that we are – I see what a difference a day like yesterday can truly make for a child, a family and an organization.  Yesterday rejuvenated all of us and gave us renewed strength to continue to fight the battle against cancer.  I know the amount of time, energy and money it took to make it happen.  We are so appreciative to all of you that worked so hard.   Yesterday was so incredibly special!  No matter what charity or organization you may support, please know that you are truly making a difference in someone’s life.   We should all feel good today! I know we do.

(Technically, I am not supposed to have taken pictures but I wanted you all to see what I saw yesterday – SMILES! ) It was worth bending the rules for one day. xo