Today we walk for kids with cancer

Through what seemed an insurmountable journey, we have found strength in ourselves that we did not know was there.  Our feelings of anger and fear have turned to feelings of love, hope and resilience.  We have been humbled and our perspective has forever changed.

Today, we walk for kids with cancer. I walk for my precious Scarlett who has battled cancer with such strength and grace. I walk for Grant, Kat, Scarlett 2.0, Evie, Jack, Sally and Amanda – all children we have met along the way. I walk for Mac and Kylie who lost their battle but will forever be in our hearts. Today, Scarlett and I walk for Luna who is just beginning her battle.

It’s a gorgeous day and we are so excited to share this day with all of you. See you in the park!  Go Team Roar!


The Scarlett Fund – Restoring Childhood through Children’s Cancer Research