Update On Scarlett James- Friday 28th March

I received the news at 2am that Scarlett needed another red blood transfusion and a platelet transfusion. In the next breath, I received the news that her white blood cells had recovered and that she will be discharged today!  Wow!  Scarlett and I are thrilled. I am excited to go home and she is elated that she doesn’t have to get another G Shot!

To start my day, I went to the kitchenette on the floor for some water and as I walked by the front desk, everyone gave me a huge smile and  the thumbs up sign.  Good news travels fast.  It’s amazing how everyone is just so positive around here and everyone is always rooting for one another.   It’s really incredible. When we come to MSK, I am inspired. I am inspired to be a better person and a better mother.  There is a constant reminder to be appreciative of life.  Scarlett and I will leave today more humble than when we walked in on Sunday and more tolerant of the world around us.

Although visiting MSK you might initially look around and feel sad.   However, once you have been here a bit you realize that although everyone is carrying around the burden of a family member with a life threatening disease, they are also carrying around a big bag of hope.  And with hope comes love and a lot of positive energy. Although I realize that hope, love and positive energy are not powerful enough to cure cancer on their own, I do believe that they are vital member of any cancer fighting team.

Cancer is truly horrible and the treatment is brutal.  It changes your life, your perspective and your hopes and dreams. In the words of Fred’s Team, Imagine a World Without Cancer.  I know I do.

Update-Scarlett was in fact discharged last night. She does have to continue the dreaded G Shot but she is feeling much better.  We love being held in your thoughts and prayers. We love hearing how your children think about Scarlett and choose her to be “the bravest person” they know.  Cancer has changed our family and I think it has changed a lot of yours.  It’s crazy to think how something so bad for so many can bring out the good in so many more.   We are so lucky to have all of you in our lives.