Update on Scarlett – March 26th

Scarlett was admitted to MSK on Sunday night with a fever, elevated heart rate and a very low red blood count. She received antibiotics and a red blood transfusion and all is back to normal. She did tested positive for the parvovirus (of the human variety not the canine!).  Due to the presence of the virus and chemotherapy, Scarlett’s white blood count continues to remain very low and she will stay in-patient until those counts recover.  I have seen this happen very quickly so I was hoping not to post from the hospital but I just received this morning’s update and the number has not yet edged higher.   I am having flashbacks to October/November when Scarlett was in patient for 21 successive nights and had 34 daily G Shots.  If you recall, the G Shot stimulates white blood cell production, particularly neutrophils.  A neutrophil is a type of white blood cell that is responsible for fighting infection.  The G Shot is very effective but also very painful as the medicine stings as it enters the body.  It is not the highlight of the day.

Although we all wish that we were home, this is where Scarlett needs to be right now. She is so well taken care of by the amazing nurses and it’s very comforting. I feel safe here!  It also helps that she looks and feels good!  She has a healthy banter with the rounding doctors and continues to persuade the floor manager to help her finish her homework. Yesterday, she was making a paper mâché mask and sewing clothes for her Barbies.  She loves to listen to me read aloud to her and her series of choice remains Harry Potter.  She remains the James Family Uno Champion as Robert lost yet another round last night 6 to 2. Better luck this evening, Dad.

Robert, Austin and I are so grateful for the continued love and support which comes in so many forms.  Thank you to those of you who are able to donate blood and continue to do so. Scarlett’s treatment is truly a marathon and we appreciate your stamina!