Update on Scarlett – Saturday 7th November


Scarlett was admitted on Thursday to MSK. She has an inflamed bowel which means that she will not be able to eat or drink by mouth until it is repaired.  She will receive nutrition through her tubes until her WBC recovers.  Once her white blood cells fill back in, her body will fight the infection on its own.   So, she is admitted  for the next few weeks. Hoping to be home for Christmas!!!

Admittedly, I underestimated the brutality of Scarlett not being able to eat. The TPN does not cure Scarlett’s hunger which I did not realize until I spoke to the TPN team yesterday,  However, her hunger means that she is not too sick to eat so that is good. Her inflamed gut is painful~bless her heart- but manageable.   (We increased her morphine for better pain management.)  Every time the alarm went off last night and “we” were awoken, I was reminded that Scarlett is clearly dreaming of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Land of the Sweets. She would ask me to add another food to her “as soon as the doctor says it’s okay to eat  ~ this is what Mom& Dad are feeding me ASAP list “.  Topping the list is Dad’s home-made pizza.  Smart girl!

Yesterday afternoon, a good friend showed up loaded down with bags of Christmas decorations with the intent of bringing the Christmas Spirit to Scarlett’s room at MSK.  Goal achieved!  My niece was there and we called in a few reinforcements and had a lot of fun. I think all of us, including Scarlett, forgot we were at a cancer hospital for a few minutes!

Robert, Austin, Scarlett, Riley and I can’t begin to thank everyone for all of the support, love, well wishes and prayers.  Because of all of you, we can direct our energy towards Scarlett and her recovery which is truly a blessing.  We are so grateful for our family and friends.  We are all in this together and as a girlfriend told me the other day, the only way out is through so on we march!