Team Roar Marathon

Last year, I dedicated each mile of the marathon to a different child that I had met at MSK.  As I started writing out my list, I realized that I also wanted to include other people that I knew that had been affected by cancer.  Unfortunately, 26 miles isn’t long enough to include everyone that I would have liked to include.  Running this race is very special to me. I am inspired by the children, the nurses, the doctors and the scientists and I will keep running until we find a cure.  The children and adults battling cancer are my motivation. They are the true meaning of the word resilience and they remind us to appreciate life.

This year,  I am running for Sarah Sumpter whose dream was to run the NYC Marathon this November.  A few weeks ago, Sarah withdrew from the race as her health declined.  Sadly, last week, she died after a hard fought battle with cancer.  I am running for people like Sarah – for those that can’t run- or never got the chance to run.  I am running simply because I CAN RUN. To quote the officials at the NYC Marathon, “Rest in peace, Sarah. You will always be a champion to us.”

Below, you can read my first four dedication with the full list to follow in a few weeks!

Mile 1 I dedicate to my sweet daughter, Scarlett whose strength and courage will help me make it through 26.2 miles. She is my hero.
 Mile 2 I dedicate to my wonderful father, Robert, who was diagnosed 3 months ago with a very treatable form of prostate cancer. He will begin treatment in November at MSK.
Mile 3 I dedicate to my friend, Scott who was diagnosed with cancer last month.  When I told him I was dedicating mile 3 to him, this was his response, “We are all positive that the major developments made around immunotherapy will mean that I make a full and long term recovery from my initial diagnosis. Without the awareness and financial contributions you are driving, then the world for cancer research and treatment would look very different.”
Mile 4 I dedicate to my teammate’s father, Warren John Frost.  Tracey Frost Rensky and I ran the marathon together last year and this year, our plan was to dedicate the run to not only Scarlett, but also to our fathers who are both battling cancer.  This past weekend, Tracey’s Dad passed away after a very long and hard fight.  We are incredibly saddened by this news.  Warren was passionate, generous and loving.  He taught his children to work hard and to enjoy life.  While Warren loved his life, he loved nothing more than his family.  While he won’t be there to watch us cross the finish line, I believe that he will know that we are doing our part in the battle against cancer.
I thank all of you for visiting my fundraising page. I know I have asked you all to give, give and give again to pediatric cancer research. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to hit the SEND button when I write these letters.  But then, Scarlett and I go to MSK and I see the really sick children and the devastated looks on the parent’s faces and I just know I have to keep pushing.  Because its not a lack of fresh ideas that is hindering the effort to solve cancer’s puzzle, it is simply time and money.  The time is now to find a cure. The time is now to find treatments that don’t lead to long term side effects. The time is now to work together to make a difference.

As a reminder, 100% of the money TEAM ROAR MARATHON raises will go towards pediatric cancer research.  We have a strong team this year and we hope to see you all out on the course cheering us on! If you do plan on coming out on race day, please email me where you will be so that I can find you on November 1st.

With heartfelt gratitude and thanks,
Jennifer James
Captain of TEAM ROAR