Great News!

Yesterday was a big day for the James Family. In addition to Scarlett receiving her last day dose of chemotherapy and having a tooth extracted, she also had a number of tests including a petscan, bone marrow aspiration and a spinal tap. Last night, we got the news we had all been praying for – all the tests came back negative – no evidence of disease (NED)!  Scarlett is cancer free!  When I told Scarlett the news, her replay was, “Sweet!”  When I told Austin the news, he immediately ran to Scarlett and embraced her for several minutes.  Robert and I cannot stop smiling.

26 months ago, Scarlett found herself in the fight of her life.  Today, we celebrate her resilience, her strength, her courage and her future.  Cheers to you, Scarlett Elizabeth James.  Welcome back to the carefree childhood you not only deserve but also had to earn.  We could not be more proud and you could not be more loved.

We have so much to be grateful for today and always.  Thank you for all of your unwavering love and support.  Not once during the last 26 months did our family feel alone in this nightmare.  Last night, Scarlett said to me, “I never wanted to get cancer but I have to say that some good things did come out of it – like Jessica and Gilbert. But I never want to get cancer again.”  (Jessica is the child life specialist at MSK and Gilbert is her puppet that she uses to make the kids feel better about their treatments or simply to distract them from the day’s procedures.)  I feel the same way, Scarlett.  I wish that you had never gotten cancer but I can’t dismiss the friends that I have made along the way that have changed my life and will forever be a part of my life.

As one of my friends wrote to me after hearing the news, “Thank you for letting us all into your world….I know that I, and many others, live our lives differently now because of it.  Embrace today, my friend, as it marks the beginning for Scarlett; the bravest little girl I know.”

Thank all of YOU for coming into our lives and for staying with us through this journey.  It feels like we all just ran a marathon and I am proud and elated to say that we all made it across the finish line stronger and wiser than we were when we started.  Happy Thanksgiving!

With much love,

Jennifer, Robert, Austin and Scarlett